Haykal M'kouboi/Owner/Importer

Je suis un client de la société . Sa fait deux ans qu'on fait des affaires ensemble et en toute franchise .On n’est jamais déçu. Je ne peux que dire des biens sur cette société .

Elle est surtout basée sur la confiance, l'inquiétude de ses clients, veille à satisfaire au maximum le clients .

Saanyane Ahmed/Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur. When I first came to China, I didn't think about buying any products but mainly came to China to look at the market. I didn't speak Chinese,nor English. My native language is French.

Introduced by my good friend i met BONBUY at their Foshan branch. So young,enthusiastic and faithful the team convince me to choose and believed in them without hesitate. With the help of the BONBUY, I developed several new products that I always wanted to develop, and the company gave very useful suggestions and advice according to the market. The professional work gave me a lot of confidence to make the business bigger and better.We are a good partner in the business and friends in life.                                                         

                                                                                                                  Translated by : Susan