• Safety: Our trained inspectors ensure international quality control procedures are followed and strict standards applied to all inspections

  • Experience: Our experience of various industries as well as that of dealing with Chinese manufacturers adds further value to the process

  • Service Area: We cover most major industrial cities of China

  • Sample Collection: We can collect post production samples on your behalf during the inspection & courier them out to you (If Requested)

  • Reporting: Get a detailed PDF report covering various aspects of the inspection, pictures & our recommendations, so that you can decide on your course of action for the shipment

  • Speed: A PSI can be scheduled within 48 hours in most cases

  • Quality Standards: We use internationally recognized AQL levels for all quality inspections. Clients can also set their own acceptable quality tolerance levels (As agreed with their suppliers).

  • Reference Samples: We always encourage our clients to send a “reference sample” wherever possible, as it tells the inspector exactly what the product should look like and how it should function.