Projecting in Real Estate

Projecting in Real Estate

1. I have been in real estate in India for more than 30 years,mostly i get the construction materials locally.Introduced by one of my friends who is working with the company,i started my trip to China with BONBUY,who has great care and service to customers. Knowing that it's my first business trip in China,idea inspiration really matters to me.And we started with the building materials and furniture in Foshan Furniture World,it's very big market that supply mostly 60% of furniture worldwide.Secondly was lighting world in Zhongshan City,then curtains....,I made the decision to cooperate after all these help from the company which i appreciate a lot.

2.Factory Inspection

3.Pre-shipment Inspection


I am very much happy with them and here i would like to share some photos with you guy of one of my project,still,there are more coming afterwards.IMG_5295.JPGIMG_5296.JPGIMG_5297.JPGIMG_5299.JPGIMG_5301.JPGIMG_5304.JPGIMG_5303.JPGIMG_5306.JPGIMG_5305.JPG