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AWWA UL/FM T/E OS&Y flanged joint ends gate valve
Item No.: BRI-907F
Size: 2"-16"
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MOQ: 10

AWWA 250PSI/300PSI UL FM T/E rising stem flanged joint ends resilient wedge gate valve

Freezing weather precaution:subsequent to testing a piping stem,gate valve should be in an open position to allow completedrainage.

->Conforms to AWWA C509

->Flange ends conform to ASME B16.1 Class 125

Fire protection valve.outide screw and yoke.

resilient wedge.epoxy coated interior/exterior.pre-grooved stem for supervisory switch.

drilled,tapped and plugged at boss location A

250PSI/300PSI bar non-shock cold working pressure(160 ◦F/71◦C max.operating tempperature)

Electrostatically applied fusion-bonded epoxy coated inside and outside per AWWAC-550

Drilled,tapped and plugged at position A with 1/2" valve size 2 1/2"-4",3/4" on 6"-8",1" on 10"-12"